Robot Hamster

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Other aliases: ah
Views a users Auctions.

Usage: ah
none bazaar
Other aliases: bz
Checks an item price on the Bazaar

Usage: bz [item name]
none cexp
Other aliases: cexp
Promotions command

Usage: cexp
none lookup
Other aliases: plook
Look up a players info if they linked their account with the bot.

Usage: lookup [mcusername/mcuid/username/userid]
Other aliases: missing
Shows what talismans a user is missing.

Usage: missing
Other aliases: sbp
Views a users skyblock profile.

Usage: sbprofile
none promotions
Other aliases: promotions
Promotions command

Usage: promotions
Other aliases: skls
Views a users skyblock skill stats.

Usage: skills
Other aliases: dgs
View a users Dungeon stats.

Usage: dgs
none scmck
Other aliases: sc
Checks if a user is in a scammer DB

Usage: sc <username>
none unverify
Other aliases: unverify
UnverifysUnlinks a users discord from their Minecraft account

Usage: unverify [mcname/@User]
Other aliases: verify
Verifies the discord set on your hypixel profile.

Usage: verify [mcname]
Other aliases: wght
Views a users skyblock weight stats.

Usage: weight
none wgxp
Other aliases: wgxp
wgxp command

Usage: wgxp <username>
none syncranks
Other aliases: syncranks
Syncranks command

Usage: cexp
Other aliases: slyrs
Views a users skyblock slayer stats.

Usage: slayers