Robot Hamster

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none poll
Other aliases: poll
Starts a poll

Usage: poll <text>
none embed
Other aliases: embed
Embeds text

Usage: embed <text>
none bug
Other aliases: report
Use this command to report bugs to the devs

Usage: bug
none commandcount
Other aliases: commandcount
Reponds will the total amount of commands the bot has

Usage: commandcount
none guildinfo
Other aliases: ginfo
Responds with information about the current guild

Usage: guildinfo
none botinfo
Other aliases: binfo
Responds with information about the bot

Usage: botinfo
none invite
Other aliases: inv
Responds with an invite for the bot

Usage: invite
none ping
Other aliases: pong
Ping command

Usage: ping
none avatar
Other aliases: avatar
Fetches a users avatar

Usage: avatar <member>
none website
Other aliases: dashboard
Responds with the bots website

Usage: website
none whois
Other aliases: whois
Responds with information about the user

Usage: whois <member>
none help
Other aliases: help
Responds with all the bots commands

Usage: help <category>