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cleanguilds Forces the bot to leave guilds with Insanely high bot to member ratios none
eval For the bot devs none
exec For the bot devs none
maintenance Dev command none
topguilds Shows the guilds the bot is in ordered by their membercount none
setstatus For the bot devs none
reload For the bot devs none
75 Roll, if the number is above 75 you win x1.75 none
balance View your balance none
99 Roll, if the number is above 99 you win x2 none
bank View your bank balance none
blackjack Play a game of blackjack none
50 Roll, if the number is above 50 you win x1.5 none
ping Pings the bot none
25 Roll, if the number is above 25 you win x1.25 none
fish Go fishing none
rob Rob command none
roulette Play a game of roulette none
slots Slots command none
cat Sends a random cat picture none
8ball Ask the 8ball a question none
catfact Sends a random cat fact none
charcount Gives you a character count. none
choose Let the bot pick randomly from a few options none
coinflip Flips a coin. none
embed Embeds text none
opinion Bot gives you his opinion on something. none
pickmember Picks a random member. none
poll Starts a poll none
meme Sends a meme none
reverse Reverses the text you provide. none
qanon Turns your text into green none
roll Roll a dice. none
rps Play rock paper scissors with the bot. none
ship Ship two people together none
today Gives you a random event from the past that happened today. none
approved Canvas command 32768
bill Canvas command 32768
banned Canvas command 32768
byemom Canvas command 32768
ccrush Canvas command 32768
challenger Canvas command 32768
continued Canvas command 32768
contrast Canvas command 32768
distort Canvas command 32768
delete Canvas command 32768
greyscale Canvas command 32768
invert Canvas command 32768
jail Canvas command 32768
look Canvas command 32768
noob Canvas command 32768
noobstamp Canvas command 32768
paint Canvas command 32768
photograph Canvas command 32768
pick Canvas command 32768
power Canvas command 32768
rejected Canvas command 32768
shit Canvas command 32768
rainbow Canvas command 32768
tattoo Canvas command 32768
thuglife Canvas command 32768
stupid Canvas command 32768
triggered Canvas command 32768
wasted Canvas command 32768
whowouldwin Canvas command 32768
botinfo Sends info on the bot none
commandcount Sends info on the bot none
dashboard Sends a link to the dashboard none
avatar Sends a users profile picture none
help Sends a command list none
serverinfo Gets info about the server none
leaderboard Leaderboard command none
profile Profile command none
book Get information about a book none
anime Search for an anime none
profilesettings Allows users to costomize their profile none
bug Report a bug. none
github Get information about a GitHub repo. none
math Solves a math problem. none
imdb Searches for a movie on IMDb. none
audit Allows Staff to set a captcha to the server 8192
autoban Manage autoban 4
ban Bans a user 4
clean Cleans the chat of bot messages 8192
botnick Used to change the bots nickname 134217728
clearwarn Clear someone's warns none
createticketreaction Create a ticket reaction message in the current channel 64
giveaway Manage giveaways none
kick Kicks a user 2
manageautoroles Manage auto roles. 268435456
maketicket Create a ticket 16
managecategories Enable/disable command categories none
managecustomcommands Manage custom commands 268435456,8192
managecustomresponses Manage moderation commands' reponse when successful none
manageeconomy manageeconomy command none
managegiveaways Manage giveaways 64
managelogs Manage moderation/chat logs none
manageleveling manageleveling command none
managereactionroles Manage reaction roles 268435456,64
managerolepersist Manage role persist 268435456
manageserverstats Manage server stats 16
managestaff Manage staff command none
managetwitch Manage twitch notifications none
mute Mute a user 1099511627776
placeholders View the placeholders for custom commands none
mwl Allows Staff to manage the welcome leaves system none
prefix Change the bots prefix for the server none
purge Allows Staff to purge messages 8192
reroll Reroll a giveaway, using the message id of the embed. (must be done in the same channel) none
modmail Modmail system 16
servercaptcha Allows Staff to set a captcha to the server none
slowmode Enables slowmode in a channel 16
staffonly Makes commands usable by staff only when on none
sticky Manage sticky messages 8192
serverpassword Allows Staff to set a password to the server none
ticketoptions Ticket options 16
ticketoptsglobal Ticket options for global tickets none
ticketroles Manage ticket roles 268435456
unmute Un-mute a user 1099511627776
warn Warn someone none
warns Check someone's warnings none
awkward When you feel awkward none
bite Bite another user none
baka When someone acts like a baka none
angry When you feel angry none
crush Crush on another user none
bonk Bonk another user none
cuddle Cuddle another user none
dropkick Dropkick another user none
holdhands Holdhands with another user none
highfive Highfive another user none
hug Hug another user none
kiss Kiss another user none
lick Lick another user none
pat Pat another user none
fistbump Fistbump another user none
poke Poke another user none
punch Punch another user none
sing When you feel like singing none
slap Slap another user none
sip When you sipping a drink none
sleep When you need a nap none
smile When your happy none
stare Stare at another user none
tackle Roleplay command none
wave Roleplay command none
Katrixerse Playing in VSC
Andrei_ Listening to Spotify
Robot Hamster Looking for r!ping