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206 guilds

180+ commands

172.85K users

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Good Question. Answer is: a lot
Custom Commands

Feel like the bot is missing something? Add a custom command using r!mcc. There are tons of placeholders you can use to get the most out of your commands.


Create giveaways for your server using r!mga. We support role locking so only specific roles can enter the giveaway.

Auto Moderation

Give your moderators a little break using r!mam. We support features like anti-spam, anti-links, anti-caps, anti-mentions and a lot others.

Leveling & Economy

Allow users to earn levels and money from talking in your discord and compete to see who can be number one while gambling the money and getting even richer.

Reaction Roles

Improve your guild with all-new reaction roles. Use r!mrr to manage reaction roles. An embed will be created and your users can react to receive roles.


Allow certain members to use commands that require permissions by adding them as staff. Use r!managestaff


Make sure you never get raided again using the TFJ system. Upon joining, this DMs users and asks them to enter a code to make sure they aren't bots. Use r!m2fa

Role Persist

Use r!mrp to enable this feature. Upon being enabled, whenever a user leaves and comes back, they will receive the roles they left with back.

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Gold Prince

Do I Wanna Know?
by The Arctic Monkeys
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The Night We Met
by Lord Huron
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